Nov 5, 2016

How to Think about Individual Trades

Most traders focus too much on the outcome of the trade they are currently in. This is a big mistake and the source of most unnecessary trading losses.

Each trade should be seen as one trade of the next twenty or fifty the trader is going to make. Many of those will be losses, but many will be winners. The results of those bigger sequences—and not the trade-by-trade outcomes—are what really matter.

(this is an excerpt from the Trading eCourse: Chapter 3 - The Mental Game, section 3.4 - How to Think about Individual Trades)


  1. I may have to rethink all my trading. Thanks for the input.

  2. Nice website. I am considering taking the course soon. Looks great.

  3. This course is like Trading In The Zone blended with Market Wizards type material - sometimes I thought Henri was reading my thoughts. Profound stuff, truly world class material!