Dec 23, 2016


1 First Things First
   1.1 Your Final Goal
   1.2 Who Should Take This Course
   1.3 The Necessary Commitment

2 Developing a Trading Strategy 
   2.1 Choosing a Trading Style
   2.2 Research and Testing
   2.3 Trading with an Edge
   2.4 Trading Systems
   2.5 Risk Management
   2.6 Changing Market Conditions
   2.7 Repetitive Trading Patterns

 3 The Mental Game
   3.1 Trading with Confidence
   3.2 The Right Trading Mind-Set
   3.3 Admitting and Correcting Mistakes
   3.4 How to Think about Individual Trades
   3.5 Avoiding Self-Sabotage
   3.6 Overtrading
   3.7 Self-Coaching
   3.8 Flawless Execution  
   3.9 How to Manage Drawdowns

4 Markets: What Works and What Doesn’t 
   4.1 Being in Sync with the Market
   4.2 Market Type: Momentum, Mean Reverting
   4.3 Indicators and Trading Techniques
   4.4 How to Trade Stocks

5 Creating the Right Trading Structure 
   5.1 Trading Routines
   5.2 Trading Journal
   5.3 Business Plan
   5.4 Education and Training

6 Tricks of the Trade 

Appendix A: Interviews with Two Top Traders
Appendix B: An Example of a Backtesting Study
Appendix C: Reinforcing the Message
Appendix D: Glossary

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