Jan 4, 2017

Best Pre-Market Tweets (Jan 4, 2017)

I started this week a new daily segment that will bring the best of the Finance Twitter to our readers every day. These are what I considered today’s best pre-market tweets: 

"I have no control over whether or not a trade will be profitable. My job is to enter orders. Nothing more, nothing less!" 
Peter Brandt, trader ‏(@PeterLBrandt)

"World's biggest stock markets (Market Cap, USD, Trillions): United States 25.2, China 6.5, Japan 5.0, Hong Kong 4.0, UK 3.1, Canada 2.0, France 1.9, Germany 1.87."
David Ingles, Bloomberg TV ‏(@DavidInglesTV) 

"Getting away from charts/quotes and screens after trading hours is a must. (It) helps recharge and clear (the) mind so upon return you are again motivated."
CtheLightTrading, trader (‏@canuck2usa)  

"Until I read Livermore's Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, none of it made sense. Once the message sunk in, it all made sense."
Larry Tentarelli, trader (@LMT978)

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