Jan 6, 2017

Best Pre-Market Tweets (Jan 6, 2017)

I started this week a new daily segment that will bring the best of the Finance Twitter to our readers every day. These are what I considered today’s best pre-market tweets:

"The S&P 500 hasn't moved in an intra-day range of more than 1 percent for 14 straight days. (the last new all-time high actually on Dec 13)."
Ryan Detrick, CMT (‏@RyanDetrick)

"The absolute best hedge is reduced exposure, i.e. cash. Most would be better off to focus on refining their Long side process." 
Larry Tentarelli, systematic trader ‏(@LMT978)

"VIX briefly touches 11. 52-week low is 10.93."
Carl Quintanilla, CNBC (‏@carlquintanilla)

"Just finished my new book Think and Trade Like a Champion - going into production next week - scheduled release date April 2017."
Mark Minervini, momentum stocks trader (‏‏@markminervini)

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