Jan 3, 2017

Best Pre-Market Tweets (Jan 3, 2017)

I am starting today a daily segment that will bring the best of the Finance Twitter to our readers every day (or whenever I have the time for it, as trading is a very time and energy consuming business!). These are what I considered today’s best pre-market tweets: 

"New traders usually are part-timers and 70 percent can't put the effort in acquiring sophisticated data and building strategies." 

"Since '50, the S&P 500 Index in January ranks as the 6th strongest month - so right near the middle. The past 10 years though? 12th - the worst."

"Here's my prediction for 2017. All the predictions you read will NOT play out. Predicting is for amateurs and all it creates is bias. 

"Winning trades are like Pocket Aces in poker. The goal is to extract as much money from the table as you can, not get out for a quick $."

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