Jan 30, 2017

Trading: Warning Signs of Failure

Dr. Brett Steenbarger recently wrote a fantastic article about warning signs of failure among traders. There is one that I would like to write further about as I have seen it in many traders. Often the bias is not completely evident but it is hidden below the surface and causing the trader to constantly misjudge the message of the market:

"Becoming Fixed in a Bullish or Bearish Stance: There are reasons to take a directional view at various times, but chronically taking one stance or another is a sign of imposing one's views on markets, rather than following the flows of supply and demand they suggest that the trader is not truly evidence-based."
- Dr. Brett Steenbarger,  performance coach 

You cannot be a perma-bear, or a perma-bull. The trader must observe the markets with neutrality, with an open mind. The trader must analyze the data and make a decision based on what the data is telling him. Like Brett says, you must become an evidence-based trader.

You will follow practical steps and acquire the essential skills a successful trader must have in order to consistently win, and you'll also learn:

- how to develop a trading system
- how to utilize the best trading techniques within a trading methodology
- how to think about the psychological aspects of trading and the markets
- how vital it is to treat trading like a business

As you master this breakthrough program, you'll build yourself a distinctive trading signature, hitting win after win, and you'll be well on your way to financial independence!

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