Feb 8, 2017

The Best of Finance Twitter (February 8th)

Another very long day on Finance Twitter with thousands of tweets. Here are the highlights of what I enjoyed reading today:

"That's some serious overboughtness on $AAPL. Not necessarily a short but further gains from here are going to be tough."
- Gavin McMaster (@OptiontradinIQ)

Gavin shared this chart of a very overbought Apple (AAPL) where new buyers should probably wait for a better entry setup and option players may be tempted to come in and sell some calls.

"Now 85 days without a 1% or greater drop from the $SPX. Still 9 days shy of the record in 2006." 
- John Kicklighter (@JohnKicklighter)

Another stat that shows the lack of day-to-day volatility in the U.S. indexes. John usually tweets about currencies but this anomaly in stocks caught his attention too.

“39 Book Recommendations From Billionaire Charlie Munger that Will Make you Smarter” 
- JB Marwood (@MarwoodJB)

Joe tweeted an excellent link with 39 book recommendations from Charlie Munger.

I bought Joe's book "How to Beat Wall Street" earlier this week on a recommendation from Steve Burns. I haven't read it yet but I will give my thoughts on it soon.

"S&P 500 hasn't had a 1% intraday move since December 14, longest period of intraday tranquility in history."
- Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello)

Charlie tweets again about how quiet the market has been in regular trading hours. There is basically no intraday volatility for any kind of swings. Three eMini S&P 500 Index Futures points is the big swing these days for index day traders!

My book is for sale on amazon since January 9th on Paperback and for a few weeks on Kindle eBook format. The feedback from readers is finally starting to come in and I am very pleased with the reactions. This is the latest review on Amazon:

"This is a fantastic trading book for traders in all stages of development. It teaches you what to look for when developing a trading methodology, what techniques and technical indicators work best in different markets and environments and finally how to develop the mental skills to make it all work. This book was just released but will probably turn into a classic. I wish it had even more trading setups but there are more than enough to make you profitable. Buy it, read it, highlight it and work on it! (there are suggested tasks, homework, practical trading tips through the book which makes the book even more unique)" - (5 stars rating)

PS: Trading Course is now available both in Paperback and Kindle eBook. Buy it now on Amazon!

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