Feb 17, 2017

The Best Strategy for Independent Traders

If it works, it works. Different types of trading strategies or styles have their followers. In fact, some traders believe in their particular style with such fervor that they consider all others inferior. I disagree. For example, I am a systematic futures day trader. I obviously consider systematic day trading to be the best strategy for independent traders who trade for a living. But I also know people who are very good swing traders of both stocks and indexes or who are excellent option traders. So again, anything that makes money consistently works. 

Each trader must develop his or her own trading methodology. This requires hard work. Attempting to use other traders’ ideas instead of developing your own methodologies will not make you successful. 

Every great trader who has ever lived has developed his or her own approach by adequately using certain market techniques that apply to a particular market at a particular time. One commonality among all successful traders is that they are in sync with the markets.
You will follow practical steps and acquire the essential skills a successful trader must have in order to consistently win, and you'll also learn:

- how to develop a trading system
- how to utilize the best trading techniques within a trading methodology
- how to think about the psychological aspects of trading and the markets
- how vital it is to treat trading like a business

As you master this breakthrough program, you'll build yourself a distinctive trading signature.

"It took me five years to become a profitable trader and almost another five years to become extremely consistent. If I had come across the right trading material and concepts earlier, I’m sure the learning curve would have been far shorter. This practical book will give you the materials and concepts I wish I’d had early in my career." - Henrique M. Simões

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