Mar 17, 2017

Real Trading Example (British Pound Futures)

I recently tested a system on the British pound futures, and while it had a winning rate of 57 percent and an average win similar to the average loss, it gained on average only 2.8 ticks per trade. Considering the commission on that contract, the real edge was just 2.1 ticks per trade. With such a narrow edge, good execution is the key to winning money; a sloppy trader may even lose money using this strategy, due to its razor-thin edge.

You will follow practical steps and acquire the essential skills a successful trader must have in order to consistently win, and you'll also learn:

- how to develop a trading system
- how to utilize the best trading techniques within a trading methodology
- how to think about the psychological aspects of trading and the markets
- how vital it is to treat trading like a business

As you master this breakthrough program, you'll build yourself a distinctive trading signature.

"It took me five years to become a profitable trader and almost another five years to become extremely consistent. If I had come across the right trading material and concepts earlier, I’m sure the learning curve would have been far shorter. This practical book will give you the materials and concepts I wish I’d had early in my career." - Henrique M. Simões

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